Hi there, thanks for visiting! I’m a single guy who is very active physically, but also, though it may not seem like it to some, there’s a lot of activity going on inside my head as well.  I was born in the South, in Mississippi, and I moved north to Tennessee.  My range of reading spans from Calvin and Hobbes comic strip to C. S. Lewis, and the subjects that I’ll probably write about will range from the ridiculously nonsensical to the deep, profound, and life changing. I also am a beer enthusiast, though I have only found one IPA I could drink, and that’s a Mocha IPA brewed by Stone Brewing.  It’s tough to find a Belgian Quad or a barrel aged stout I don’t like though, and most of what I really like is tough to find, which is part of the fun I guess.  I’m not a bragger, but no one can grill filet mignon, or cook homemade spaghetti as good as mine, and I have yet to find anyone who can match my margarita making skills. Ok, so maybe I bragged a little, but as I’ve already warned, some of what I write will be ridiculously nonsensical…but it may be tough for you to tell. 🙂